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Narratives of Europe

How is Europe narrated from its Eastern half?

The book is out: presentation at Söderbokhandeln on 4 May 2017

"Narratives of Europe" concluded with a book presentation at "Söderbokhandeln", one of Stockholm's best bookshops, summing up the five years of work and six studies of how Europe is constructed in the countries that form its eastern region.

The authors presented their results and shared with the public their perspectives on European narratives from Eastern Europe and how they become increasingly important in the current situation.

The book can now be ordered on Amazon, Bokus, AdLibris as well as from Intellect Press and Chicago University Press publishers.

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Europe Faces Europe examines Eastern European perspectives on European identity. The contributors to this volume map narratives of Europe rooted in Eastern Europe, examining their relationship to philosophy, journalism, social movements, literary texts, visual art, and popular music. Moving the debate and research on European identity beyond the geographical power centre, the essays explore how European-ness is conceived of in the dynamic region of Eastern Europe. Offering a fresh take on European identity, Europe Faces Europe comes at an important time, when Eastern Europe and European identity is in an important and vibrant phase of transition.


The book presents results from the research project "Narratives of Europe”, funded by the Swedish Baltic Sea Foundation Östersjöstiftelsen (




Chapter 1. Europe Faces Europe: An Introduction (Johan Fornäs)


Chapter 2. Europe as Identity and Ideal: Reading Barroso’s ‘New Narrative’ Heretically alongside Hegel, Husserl and Patočka (Carl Cederberg)


Chapter 3. Clashing Internationalisms: East European Narratives of West European Integration (Stefan Jonsson)


Chapter 4. Narratives of War: Representations of Europe in News Media of Ukraine, Russia and Poland during Euromaidan (Roman Horbyk)


Chapter 5. Narrating Protest: Silenced Stories of Europe in Occupy Stockholm and Occupy Latvia (Anne Kaun)


Chapter 6. The Resilience of the Periphery: Narrating Europe through Curatorial Strategies (Katarina Wadstein MacLeod)


Chapter 7. Euro-Visions: East European Narratives in Televised Popular Music (Johan Fornäs)


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Project book

out now!


Europe Faces Europe: Narratives from Its Eastern Half (ed. by project leader Johan Fornäs) was published by Intellect Press in spring 2017.


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Narratives of Europe:

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